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SERVICE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
deal with customers, especially how quickly and effectively they do this.: level/quality/standard of service We constantly seek to improve the quality of service we give to our customers. good excellent poor service. provide/give service They have provided excellent service in handling problem cases.
Service - Wikipedia.
Service business, an aggregation of a service engagement with one or more service acts between two or more service systems creating service outcomes. Service economics, the non-material equivalent of a good in economics and marketing, within a service-product continuum. Service economy, which increases the integration of services in other sectors of the economy.
Services overview Android Developers.
The Android system calls the service's' onStartCommand method and passes it the Intent, which specifies which service to start. Note: If your app targets API level 26 or higher, the system imposes restrictions on using or creating background services unless the app itself is in the foreground.
Service Cloud: Customer Support Call Centre Software Salesforce IN.
Mobile Customer Service: Mobile customer service solutions so your customer can find help from any device, anywhere. Customer Service Management Software: Maximise agent productivity with customer service management software from Service Cloud. Social Customer Service: Social customer service solutions that will help your support agents deliver smarter social service.
ServicePlus Meta Data Based Application.
In case of a failed transaction the user shall have no right to claim the amount However, cancellation/refund policy for a service will be governed solely on the basis of applicable rules and regulations of the service as defined by department/agency owning the service.
Home National Government Services Portal.
You can register online with the help of this portal and provide your details to get a digital life certificate. Pensioner can find detailed information about this service and locate nearest location of a Jeevan Pramaan Centre. Users can also download mobile apps and avail benefits under this service.
Service Definition of Service by Merriam-Webster.
Middle English, from Anglo-French servise, from Latin servitium condition of a slave, body of slaves, from servus slave. Middle English serves, plural of serve fruit of the service tree, service tree, from Old English syrfe, from Vulgar Latin sorbea, from Latin sorbus service tree.

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