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The 52 Places Traveler: From Refugees to a Reunion, Buffalo Lives Up to Its Welcoming Reputation The New York Times.
Clockwise from top right: Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, a worthwhile day trip from Buffalo; Delaware Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted; the Indeterminacy Festival at Silo City; Jason Middlebrook's' sculpture Underlife at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.
From My Bowl by Caitlin Shoemaker.
Vegan Chipotle Black Bean Chili. This Chipotle Black Bean Chili is the ultimate comfort fooda hearty, wholesome, all-in-one meal made from simple, pantry-friendly ingredients! Say hello to your newest favorite comfort food: this Chipotle Black Bean Chili. In my opinion, homemade chili is one of the most underrated all-in-one meals for throwing together quicklyits full of fiber, loaded with flavor, and incredibly hearty and filling!
from Wiktionary.
From Middle English from from, from Old English from, fram forward, from, from Proto-Germanic fram forward, from, away. Cognate with Old Saxon fram from and Old High German fram from, Danish frem forth, forward, Danish fra from, Swedish fram forth, forward, Swedish från from, Norwegian Nynorsk fram forward, Norwegian Nynorsk frå from, Icelandic fram forward, on, Icelandic frá from, Albanian pre, prej.
Gmail: gratis, privé en beveiligde e-mail Google Workspace.
Naast alles wat je leuk vindt aan Gmail, bieden de abonnementen onder andere het volgende: een aangepast e-mailadres @jebedrijf.com, een onbeperkt aantal groepsmailadressen, 999%, gegarandeerde uptime, 2 keer zo veel opslagruimte als bij een persoonlijk Gmail-account, geen advertenties, 24/7 support en Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook.
From Definition of From by Merriam-Webster.
1 a - used as a function word to indicate a starting point of a physical movement or a starting point in measuring or reckoning or in a statement of limits came here from the city a week from today cost from $5 to $10.

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