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Farquhar Fenelon Cooke. He was dressed out in broad gaiters and bright tweeds, like an English tourist, and his face might have belonged to Dagon, idol of the Philistines. derogatory One who visits a place or attends a social event out of curiosity, wanting to watch without commitment or involvement.
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TOURIST meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
someone who visits a place for pleasure and interest, usually on holiday.: Millions of tourists visit Rome every year. The island is very busy during the tourist season. Definition of tourist from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Examples of tourist.
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Rosenberg, chicagotribune.com, In" Chicago and across US, downtown stores, restaurants await customers return, 18 May 2021 De Blasio said mobile vaccination sites would be positioned in various tourist attractions throughout the city, including Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Highline.
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Last chance tourism: adapting tourism opportunities in a changing world. Climate change and doom tourism: Advertising destinations before they disappear. Moore Chair, Symposium conducted at the meeting of the New Zealand Tourism Hospitality Research Conference. Doom tourism: While supplies last.

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